Tailor-Made Sound

Not only is Blu2th an expert on multiple instruments including voice, but he has taught private Keyboard, Guitar, and Voice lessons on a professional level. If your artist plays the Drums, Guitar, and/or Keyboard, and/or sings, Blu2th can help them refine that skill keeping in mind their own musical identity. If that identity is not yet fully developed, he can help your artist discover his/her full potential and unique musical identity and style. Because he has virtually no stylistic limitations, he is able to tailor a sound for any artist in any genre. In short, you can be assured that your artist will achieve the very best sound of which he/she is capable as a result of working with Blu2th. If you're interested in this service, please make your way to the Contact page and leave Blu2th a detailed email or voicemail message. He'll reply personally.